State Capitol Events - Background

In 1995, the California Highway Patrol merged with the California State Police.  This increased the areas of responsibility to include protection of state property and employees, the Governor and other dignitaries.

Capitol Protection Section (CPS) is the largest of the three commands in Protective Services Division (PSD). CPS's primary mission is to provide police and safety services to the occupants and visitors of the State Capitol Building and grounds. In addition to daily Capitol Operations, CPS special operations include the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team, the Mounted and Bicycle Patrol Programs, and the Hazardous Device Detail (HDD).

As part of their daily operations, CPS personnel deploy to the State Capitol Building twenty-four hours a day; guarding entry doors, monitoring video surveillance systems, and patrolling the interior and exterior of the building. CPS is also responsible for providing law enforcement services to over 40,000 state employees and 400 state buildings in the Sacramento area. CPS law enforcement responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Patrolling by car, foot, horseback, and bicycle.
  • Responding to and investigating crimes against state employees and property within CPS jurisdiction.
  • Providing crowd control and order during large and/or high profile demonstrations, rallies, and other events.
  • Conducting community oriented policing efforts cooperatively in and around state facilities.