Frequently Asked Questions

State Capitol Events - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does the permit cost?
2. How far in advance can I request a permit? (Title 13 CCR 1855 a)
3. How do I know if I need insurance? (Title 13 CCR 1855 b)
4. Will I have access to power?
5. Can Alcoholic beverages be served at an event?
6. Does the California Highway Patrol provide equipment for the event? (PA System, Stage, Etc.)
7. Where do I park? Are any vehicles allowed on Capitol grounds for unloading?
8. Can I film on outside the Capitol?
9. Does my permit give me access to inside the Capitol?
10. Am I responsible for the clean up after the event? (Title 13 CCR 1855 b)
11. What is a security monitor and how many do I need? (Title 13 CCR 1855 b)
12. Are there rules for the signs and posters I can bring to the Capitol? (Title 13 CCR 1862)
13. Are physical activities allowed at the capitol? (Title 13 CCR 1867, 1869)
14. Can I hold an event to raise money at the Capitol? (Title 13 CCR 1855 b) (GC section 84309)
15. Are fires allowed on State grounds? (Title 13 CCR 1864)
16. Does the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) codes apply during the event?
17. Can I change or adjust the ground surface?
18. Can I use decorations for the event? (Title 13 CCR 1863)
19. Are there any restrictions for the use of Awnings, Tents or E-Z Ups on the Capitol Grounds?
20. Are dogs allowed at the Capitol? (Title 13 CCR 1866)
21. Will the watering schedule be altered for my event?